Tech Trends in Education

Tech Trends pic

Tech Trends

Cory Olcott teaches English and serves as dean of the sophomore class and director of student activities at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School in Waltham, Massachusetts. As part of his commitment to the field, Cory Olcott stays up-to-date on how technology is being integrated in education. The following are three current tech trends in the field.

1. Preparing students for the future: Schools are striving to prepare students for a technology-driven future by strengthening infrastructure, which entails building strong wireless networks. Schools are also ensuring that students engage with technology in a real-world way to prepare for their careers.

2. Personalizing the learning experience: Teachers are embracing technology and using it to give students a personalized learning experience. Technology can provide teachers with live feedback on students’ learning, allowing them to adjust their teaching for each student.

3. Using virtual reality: Schools are using tools that employ virtual reality, such as Virtuali-Tee, through which students can explore the human body, and Google Explorations, which offers virtual tours of museums.


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