Three Unique Online Tools to Enhance the Classroom Experience




Most recently a principal intern at TechBoston Academy, Cory Olcott honed his skills in special education programs and operations as it relates to technological support. Cory Olcott dedicated time to researching and proposing technology solutions to enhance the classroom experience. The following tools can be useful and beneficial for improving classroom engagement.

Glogs: A subscription-based tool, Glogs adds visual appeal to the learning experience. The multimedia platform allows students and teachers to create interactive web pages and posters that incorporate audio files, graphics, and videos, along with other elements, to increase understanding of a specific subject matter. The tool is ideal for the in-classroom curriculum as well as those involving distance learning.

Storybirds: Storyboards gives students the ability to craft online books with artwork designed by artists and illustrators. An opportunity to practice writing skills and creativity, the books can be published online to a library monitored by a teacher.

Free Rice 2.0: Registration optional for tracking scores, Free Rice 2.0 operates like a game. While students partake in exercises, they are being tested on a variety of topics, ranging from mathematics to flags of the world. Foreign language activities also appear on the platform.