TechBoston Prepares Students for Life

With a history as both a teacher and an evaluator of education, Cory Olcott demonstrates a strong dedication to the teaching profession. Cory Olcott served as an English teacher at Pinewood and Woodside Priory Schools before becoming the chair for the English Department at Woodside. He then joined TechBoston Academy as a principal intern, helping to observe and evaluate the staff and methodologies there.

TechBoston represents a new style of teaching suited to the needs of the 21st century. Having recognized an increasing divide between how students understand their teachers due to the rate of technological growth, TechBoston bridges that gap by emphasizing technology in the classroom.

Teachers at TechBoston strive to employ individualized methods based on student needs. They prepare students for college and future career paths, identifying strengths early. In 2006, TechBoston graduates went on to college educations at a rate 29 percent higher than students from the Boston Public School District. By 2010, this number had risen to 32 percent.

TechBoston selects its students randomly through a lottery, but once students are accepted, they automatically move from the lower academy to the upper academy. The school also organizes college tours, assists with financial aid arrangements, and helps students audit college courses.