Cory Olcott: New Advances in Educational Technology

Advancements in technology and education have gone hand in hand for centuries, and the modern classroom is no different. Technological advances have enabled schools to offer students new and exciting ways to learn while giving teachers and administrators an expanded set of educational tools.

Teachers have been able to utilize the Internet to give their students new opportunities in learning. Language instruction has been transformed by free and easy videoconferencing, giving students the chance to learn a language from a native speaker. Web sites with science experiment simulations, entire libraries of classical literature, and multimedia presentations also help teachers provide vital supplemental materials.

In addition to giving educators access to innovative teaching tools, technology has helped transform the way schools operate on every level. Real time assessment data gives teachers the opportunity to provide immediate feedback to students; programs can time how long each student spends on a given question, or quickly calculate which questions are giving students the most trouble.

About Cory Olcott:

Since returning to teaching in 2003, Cory Olcott has devoted himself to helping prepare the next generation of Americans for educational success. An alumnus of Northwestern University and Stanford University, he is currently pursuing his second Master’s degree at Harvard University’s School Leadership Program.

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